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Creating objects, as a base, we use German and American canons of architecture and design. Successful joint working experience with bureau from these countries proves efficiency of the selected area. All of our projects are executed exceptionally by our state specialists, who gained first and main experience in the internal burea’s training system. The layout of our projects enables to release them effectively in any country in the world nearly without an adaptation.

Our projects are being implemented in Spain, Czech Republic, France, Georgia.

The design projects of the bureau have four main areas.

Commercial architecture. Constant scrunity and knowledge of internal business technologies of distinctive types of commercial real estate allows us to create projects of hotel and resort complexes, business centres, fully corresponding to world standarts in every sphere. In creating objects of the residential environment and urbanism, apart from, world standarts of design we use ours, proved by successful practice.

Commercial design. Working with an internal space of commercial objects,first of all, we create precisely business. Which will be conceptual, successful and competitive. All projects including hotels, restaurants, casinos, airports, office spaces, fitness centres and malls – take into account budget of realization, competitive environment and possibility of transmission to an operator.

Private architecture. Creating a place and environment, where half of life is spent, is initially a great responsibility, not just a design. Architect’s responsibility is for making convenient, safe every habit, action of future inhabitants, so that they get constant and continuous pleausre every day. Precisely this principle in combination with operating all architectural styles and up-to-date technologies of constructing enable to create private archirectural projects, every one of which is unique, like nature.

While creating an internal layout, preference is given to the design of American School.

Private design. Creating any interiors, our fundamental principle is a maximum immersion in taste preferences of his forthcoming owner, deep analysis, and making dreams and desires true in perfect german ergonomic model of every space. And ,later, in a very detailed, emotional design project.   Our second principle is based on maintaining harmony in style and feeling of taste, regardless selected stylistics of a future accommodation. «Bauhaus», «Neufert», «golden ratio» – not only termins, but also instruments of our creation. We constantly expand the borders of our design represenation, by following and exploring latest design trends in Italy, Germany and Scandinavia.        In our projects we are trying to avoid details and things, which sooner will clearly show time periods of creating an interior and ”be out of fashion” . We appreciate privacy of our clients, because it is also a part of our design project.  

Our bureau provides all types of author’s supervision, management of projects and their fulfillment.

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